Personal Training + Boxing

When you schedule a session, you make the commitment to invest in your strength and wellness. We will work together to create goals and set you on a path towards achieving them. Along the way, you will learn the art of boxing, which has quickly become my personal favorite form of therapy and physical expression. The formats for our sessions include a series of boxing drills, hitting mitts, and a circuit of strength exercises to meet your specific needs. 


Private training

$120 a session

It’s difficult to write a review that can accurately explain how AWESOME Sydney is. I’ve been training with her for about three months now and not only has my body totally changed but I’ve also learned how to box like a boss. “ - Cam K





$140 a session



Training Locations:

34 North (Venice, CA)    

Box N Burn (Santa Monica, CA)


Small Group 3 - 5

$50 per person 

I started training privately with her shortly after taking her first class, have lost 20lbs, and feel better than I have in years. Sydney is without a doubt the best of the best. If you’re looking for changes and results with an awesome person by your side, she’s the one.” - Laura M