Does anyone write blog posts about their therapy sessions? I don’t know! It seems so cliché but I feel like this one was so good that I have to share….

Every couple of weeks I have a Skype session with my therapist, Lisa, who lives in Massachusetts and who I met through a friend in New Orleans. She is incredibly gifted at creating a space where individuals like myself can feel safe enough to feel their deepest truth, which is also what I hope to create for my clients using a different approach; In this way, she is not only my personal mentor, but also a professional one.

Our sessions start with a short meditation. Then she usually asks if I know what I want to work on. Today I told her I felt distracted, like I had too many thoughts at once. She responded by posing the question that I really did not want to answer, “If you let the distractions go, what is it you would have to feel?”

Our sessions together are journeys. We walk carefully through the brush, taking the time to explore whatever meets us in the path. Feeling the textures, observing the colors and smelling the smells, stopping frequently to consider the roots and the origin of all we are taking in. There are frequent moments of silent pauses, we role play, we ask questions, we cry (both of us do), and sometimes she stops to tell me, “can you feel me here supporting you while you feel your heart?” This time, our journey took us into a juicy discussion about freedom. Why, when I notice myself feeling a deep sense of freedom, is that often followed by tears? Why is it that every time I begin to cry, I muffle my emotions and apologize?  What if allowing ourselves to feel any emotion at any time, and supporting ourselves in feeling that emotion as deeply as we can, is freedom?


Try it on:

THAT right there is my sadness. 

I feel an uneasiness inside my stomach. 

I feel an instant love and connection for this person I just met.

I want to lay down and take a nap because my body feels tired.

I feel anger because I’ve been mistreated by someone I trusted to protect me.

Say it loud, say it clear, stand strong in it. Nobody needs to affirm it but you, and you have nothing you need to explain away. This ability to feel is what makes us human. And our ability to pronounce our feelings from inside of our hearts and mind outwardly into the world—well, that’s freedom.